Saturday, November 14, 2009

Last Day in Ontario

Well here we go just coming to the end of our last day in Ontario. We head out tomorrow at 11am to begin our 5 month adventure. It has been quite an eventful day today. For me it started off with a 13K run with my good friend Pam. It really was a good start to the day and gave me energy for most of the day, I feel it waining now but it is 8:30 afterall. From there I layed out all my clothes for the trip, 4 shirts, one pair of pants, sandals and two undies, along with loads of cologne to mask things. I then did the finishing touches on the bathroom, placing the last piece of drywall in place and putting the fixtures up. After a few adjustments all the leaks stopped and the first bath was had. I will enjoy my first shower in 6 days tomorrow, much to my friends and families relief. From there I rolled all our clothes to get them to fit the one back pack we had. After about 30 minutes I went and got another backpack and relieved some pressure. It's really not that bad, the backpacks are not really heavy and after we see Janna in New Zealand the packs will be 50 pounds lighter, eh Joni?! Well I think a hottub is in order and and maybe a bubbly beverage and then off to bed to get a good start on ourtrip. Since we lose a day flying to New Zealand we will talk to you on Tuesday. Love you all Wes


  1. So excited for you guys....sorry about the big bag'o'stuff for Janna. I thought you had a bigger suitcase. At least she's your first stop. Thanks a ton guys. Have a blast!

  2. Have a good and safe trip
    We are looking forward to traveling the world through your eyes
    Dirk & Margie

  3. Sounds like the 2nd backpack was a good idea to save on frustration! HAVE A GREAT FIRST LEG OF THE JOURNEY! It will be neat to get your updates.

    Ruth and Dave

  4. Hi guys, I missed seeing you off today. Just arrived from Sudbury 7:30 pm. Remember... leave as an onion, arrive as a pearl onion. Love you and miss you already. Beth and Rick

  5. Hi Wes and Terry

    Glad to hear you are enjoying the beginning of your world tour. Looking forward to seeing your pictures.
    Love you
    Claire and John