Tuesday, December 1, 2009

December 1
Today we left at 7 and spent 10 hours on a bus

to Franz Josef Glacier. The drive was long

but with some great views of snow covered

mountains, an incredible rugged Tasmin sea

coast, forests and fields. When we arrived we

had a quick dinner and then a 3 hour hike to

Franz Josef Glacier. We hiked through a rain

forest and across the rock bed where the

glacier used to sit. As we walked through the

forest and gorge, beside the mountains going

up on both sides, we felt so small. It has

receaded incredibly in the last 100 years. We

got very close to the glacier but could not

touch it as it is fenced off due to the danger

of rock or ice slides. WE could see the

bottom of the glacier where a steam came out

and into the river that carries away the

glacier water. We also saw many small water

falls coming out of the mountain, some so high

up that it was hard to tell that they were

moving. We didn't know we would have time to

really see the glacier as we were only in town

for the night, it was so incredible to see it

up close and all the surronding area well

worth our extra effort. Terry


  1. I bet it was nice to walk for 3 hours after being on a bus for 10 hours

  2. Ha, you saw snow before we did. I'm so excited for both of you to be seeing all of this "new earth". Can't wait to see your pics of where you will be at Christmas. Love to you both, Beth.