Monday, December 21, 2009

The Missadventure of the Lavendar Breakfast

Well we've made it to Pemberton, half way to

our southern destination of Albany. After

Christmas in Albany we will head back to Perth

and see how far north we can get in 11 days.

We decided to extend our time in Australia,

partly because we feel we want to see more but

mostly because we screwed up our bus pass and

our departure time. All this did not surprise

Aaron as he knows how disorganized his parents

can be. We feel it gives us more experience

in working difficult situations out, at least

that's what we're going to tell everyone.

This has not been the only difficult or

awkward situation we have been in. Since our

arrival in Pemberton we have been using an

interesting tourist map. We used this map to

get to the Gloucester Tree, a fire lookout

that is now a tourist attraction. We tramped

through one of the many Kerri forest down here

to find it. Kerri is the third tallest tree

in the world. The Redwood is the tallest and

some other one is second. Our intention, when

we set out, was to ascend this tree to the

lookout, that changed as soon as we saw how we

must ascend, 61 meters of what looked like

large steel spikes circling the tree to the

top. We immediately determined that this was

not possible because of the shoes we were

wearing and had nothing to do with the height

or the open assent, that's the story we're

sticking to!

The next day we planned to hike to the

lavender and berry farm, 1km out of town, to

have pancake breakfast. We consulted our

tourist map which told us we had a 1km walk to

get there. We should have questioned this as

it also directed us to a botanical garden that

never did exist. But despite this

misdirection we set out in 34 degree heat with

no sun screen. Of course the farm was 4km out

of town turning our short hike into a 8km

round trip. This is not something we have not

undertaken before but not something without

breakfast and with so many flies. We have been

tolerating the flies already, as you know but

this was fly day for us. I took up the local

practice of swishing them off with a young

tree branch. Breakfast was amazing and very

tasty, first time for ice cream with pancakes

but it suited it, but the flies stayed too.

At this point I have come to the conclusion

that my creamy/sweet food can be consummed as

long as there are less then 100 flies on it!

As I say, don't be discouraged its all in the

way you work things out!

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  1. hilarious!
    It's all in the outlook - 'less than 100 flies' and '...the shoes we were wearing' goes well with your NY resolution - travel and laugh more. Yeaaaas!