Friday, December 18, 2009

Going South from Perth

After the train to Bunbury we did a 3 hour hike around a marsh.The town is surrounded by three waterways with a gorgeous white sand beach on the Indian Ocean 5 minutes from our hostel. Our time here included being mesmerized watching the waves crashing on the beach and rocks,hiking along the beach to Maiden reserve,walking the trails there, walking to Big Swam Reserve to see kangaroos,wallabies and many kinds of bird's gorgeous colorful birds, ie. parrots, cockatoo, owl). We got to pet kangaroos. Our last day was the highlight. We went to Koombana Bay. There must have been 40 dolphins in the bay. We watched them for about an hour. Then we stood in thigh high water and the dolphins swam so close to us we could have touched them (but weren't allowed). Then we heard a baby make a whistling sound and the mother came along side and the baby started nursing. It was our anniversary, a local recommended Nicolas, an Italian restaurant. Top notch food and we ate kangaroo as part of our dinner. I also had Gorgonzola polenta and warm pears. I had date pudding and caramel sauce and whiskey gelato. Wes had a local fish, oysters in orange and herbs in shot glasses. I even tried it. Wes also had Bailey's cheesecake. What a day!

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